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  • Q How do you guarantee the quality of your products?

    A Our company has passed ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate. Meanwhile, strict quality management consistently runs through the whole process of products production.
  • Q Whether the raw materials meet the environmental protection requirements?

    A  All products are made of high quality food grade paperboard/ plastic (PP) raw materials. Moreover, the paperboard we used is made of wood pulp passed FSC Forest Certification.
  • Q What is your minimum order quantity?

    A The minimum order of 50,000 to 100,000 per type and size are required for the initial order. Please contact us for more details.
  • Q What coating do you use ?

    A Our cups have a polyethylene coating (PE) and this represents only a small percent of the total weight of the cup. The PE coating not only makes the board waterproof, it is also melted onto the seams to weld the cup together.

  • Q How quickly can they be produced?

    A Our normal turnaround time for printed standard product is 1 week from the date the order is placed.  However, if an order takes longer than 3 days for approval or during times with a heavier workload, this time will be extended.  If your order is time sensitive, check with us to ensure prompt delivery.
  • Q What file format do need for your LOGO.

    A To ensure the best quality, we need files in a resolution of minimum 300 dpi. Vector art is required due to its ability to be scaled infinitely without any loss of quality.  Vector art is created using vector illustration programs, such as Adobe Illustrator.  The most common Vector file extensions are .eps .psd .ai .cdr and .pdf  (Please note that not all .pdf files are vector.)
  • Q Can you send me a digital proof before my order is printed?

    A Absolutely!  Within one business day of placing your order, you will receive a digital proof depicting what your logo will look like when printed on the product ordered. This is the point to make any necessary changes.  After we received the signed proof we will submit your order for printing and no further changes will be accepted.
  • Q Can I have some counter samples before I approve the cups?

    A Free samples are available, but the postage shall be paid by the customers.

  • Q Can we have different packing units for our clients?

    A Special packaging is available. Whether you need a different number of cups per PET-bag or customized packaging - we can all do it. Just tell us what’s your requirement, we can work out the best solution for you.
  • Q What type of payment do you accept ?

    A We welcome any type of payment, including T/T, D/P, D/C, etc.
16 oz. white paper single wall hot cups perfect for serving Hot coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and other hot beverages
16 oz PP cup, Great for cold drinks like Iced Coffee, Smoothies, Bubble/Buba Tea, Milkshakes & Frozen Cocktails, water, sodas, and juices.
Ripple wall paper cup is also called corrugated paper cup,insulated cup, coffee cup, etc. Ripple wall paper cup , made from three layers of paperboard , offers better quality and high heat resistance.
Popcorn bucket is also called popcorn cup,popcorn container and snack food bucket, etc. Popcorn bucket is usually used for cinema,snack shop and other entertainment.
McFlurry Cup is also called ice-cream cup, cold cup, cola cup and iced cup, etc. McFlurry Cup is made of double PE coating for ice cream, which is extremely popular in Europe.
Cold cup is also called juice cup, cola cup and iced cup, etc. Cold cup is made of double PE coating, which is usually used for cold drinkings.
Double wall cup is also called hollow cup,insulated cup, coffee cup, etc. Double wall cup , made from two layers of paperboard , offers better quality and better heat-insulation.
We are a professional manufacturer specializing in producing disposable paper & plastic products used to serve food and beverages with rich experience in production. 


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